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Alcohol Harm Reduction


Director: Steve Reeves


“Fashion Targets Breast Cancer”

Director: Harvey & Carolyn


Director: Kevin Chicken


Director: Trevor Robinson


C4 Idents

Director: Pat Holden

Boots Natural Collection

Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Brother Printers (Denmark)

Director: Kasper Wedenhahl


“The Chronicles of Nanna”

Directors: Max & Michael

Royal Marsden

Charity Commercial

Director: Karen Cunningham

Finalist in BTA Craft Awards
Best performance by an actress category

Tele 2

“First Born”

Director: Martin Werner

Production company: Pumkin Films

John Lewis


Director: Gary Freedman

Production Company: Radical Media

IP – Knock Off Nigel


Director: Steve Reeves

Production Company: Another Film Co


Production Company: Quiet Storm

Dircector: Trevor Robinson

Farrero Rocher

Director: Gregg Masuak

Production Co UK: Toast TV

Agency: WCRS


"Centrepoint Room Sponsorship"

Director: Stuart Sugg

Agency: The Good Agency

HIFI Klubben

Director: Martin Werner

Production Company: Bacon

Martin Werners new spot for scandinavian sound provider HIFI KLUBBEN. Agency Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm. No animals were harmed during shoot.

Manifesto 'Up your Viva'

Director: Trevor Robinson

Agency: Quiet Storm

Creatives: Neal Coyler and Trevor Robinson

Producer: Kate Pirouet

Old Speckled Hen Idents for Dave Prime Time

Director: Mark Nummeley

Production Co: RSA

Agency: MCBD

Home Office Knife Crime film "Physical"

Director: Debbie Anzalone

Production Company: M&Y

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe / Y&R

Paddy Power

Directed by Ric Cantor

Production Co: Outsider

Agency: Big Al's Creative Emporium

My Stocks

Directed by Alex Friel

Production Co: Element E Germany

AXE "Hurdles"

Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

AXE "Shot Put"

Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

Hulu Japan - "Evolution"

Directed by Shynola

Production Co: RSA FIlms

L'Oreal "App"

Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

L'Oreal "Lock"

Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

L'Oreal "Profile"

Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

L'Oreal "Tie"

Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

River Island "William Tempest Fashion Film"

Directed by Ryan Hope

Production Co: Blink Productions


Directed by Russell Bates

Production Co: Crossroads FIlms

Stella Cidre "Duet"

Directed by Johan Renck

Production Co: Black Label

Sanitas Insurance

Directed by Alex Feil


Film Work

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The Golders Green Formation Learning Team

Director: Pat Holden

yOO Rinal

Short film

Director: Mark Nunnely

Production company: RSA

Party Political Spoof Broadcast

Director: Lee & Dan

Heroin Skateboards

“Dirty Doug”

Director: Pat Holden

Lip Up Fatty

Director: Pat Holden

The Gift

Charity film

Director: Jorn Threlfall

Production company: Insider

My Cricket.com

Director: Gavin Pollack

Production Co:
Joyrider Films


“Nanna’s Music Video”

Music video

Directors: Max & Michael

Production company: Home Corp


“Secret Recipe”


Directors: Max & Michael

Production company: Home Corp




Director: Dixon Baxi




Director: Dixon Baxi

Ian Brown

“Illegal Attacks”

Music video

Director: Colin O’Toole

Production company: Pulse Films

BBH Graduate Recruitment

Agency Recruitment Video

Director: Karen Cunningham

Production company: Pink

Winner of Shots New Director, Cannes 2008

Scouting For Girls


Music video

Director: Lorrin Braddick

Production company: One Small Step


“Falling Toast” and “Dog Food”


Directors: Tomorrows Brightest Minds (TBM)

Dove Day

“Self Esteem”

Director: Karen Cunningham

Production company: Pink

Do the Green Thing "Choose Tap"

Director: Barney Howells

Production company: Partizan For Girls

Magnum Tempations

Agency: Storakers McCann Sweden

What a Carve Up Christmas Card

Interactive Christmas card for Work Club Advertising Agency and Hotspur & Argile Production company.

Director: Theo Delaney Day

Note: 'What a Carve Up' will open in a new window.

Florence and the Machine "Shake it out"

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production company: RSA Films


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Adrian Samson

Portfolio Work


Photographer: Adrian Samson

Debs & Emma

Our Casting Directors


Photographer: Jon Day

Adrian Samson

Dating Electric

Sony Ericsson

Photographer: Tara Moore

Paul Smith

Photographer: Julian Broad


Photographer: Adrian Samson


Film made on the “Boxer” shoot for Adrian Samson

All characters cast by Ashton Hinkinson

Ernst Young

Photographer: Alex Telfer


Photographer: Adrian Samson

Sex Dolls

Portfolio Work

Photographer: Adrian Samson

I’m not a Toy was a winner at the PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2009, category Advertising / Self-promotion.

Paul Smith – Autumn/Winter

Photographer: Julian Broad

Agency: Aboud-Creative

Portfolio series and AOP entries


Photographer: Charlie Surbey


Cough Clinic Print Campaign

Photographer: Adrian Samson

Agency: Woolley Pau


Photographer: Zena Holloway

Standard Life

Photographer: Conor Masterson

Agency: Meteorite

Note: Models featured were from street casting only.

TKMAX Home Sense

Photographer: Betsie Van Der Meer

Photography Agent: Talbot Young

TKMAX Home Sense

Photographer: Rolph Gobits

Twinings Everyday Tea

Photographer: Betsie Van Der Meer

Photography Agent: Talbot Young

Sony Satio

Photographer: Leo Crackett

Producer: Helen Parker


Photographer: Tim McPherson

Producer: Trayler and Trayler


Photographer: Dean Northcott

Producer: Print Images for the UK - All print media

Portfolio Work

Photographer: Chris Clor


Fiat Punto

Photographer: Elizabeth Hoff


Lucozade Blackcurrant

Photographer: David Titlow


TKMax Homesense

Photographer: Betsie Van Der Meer


About Us

Find out more about Ashton Hinkinson and our casting work by reading our Biography and CV.

Close Biography


Ashton Hinkinson Casting was founded by Emma Ashton and Deborah Hinkinson and has become one of London’s most popular casting companies. We specialise in commercial and corporate casting as well as being very experienced in music videos, stills and short films. We have worked with some of the leading commercials directors in the UK and abroad and have cast major campaigns for Walkers Crisps, BT, Sony, Paul Smith and Clarks Shoes.

We are currently moving towards drama based work as well, which is very exciting, some of our credits include the feature films Hostel and Hostel II and the short films DIY Hard, a great film featuring David Thewlis and Alison Steadman, Yoorinal by Mark Nunnerly and Incomplete by Yann Demarge a budding new director currently at Stink Films. Another interesting project for us was casting First a film by the BAFTA winning director Tinge Krishnan. Throughout the last 12 months we have also been busy researching the cast for a number of films in development, so watch this space!

Over the years we have developed an excellent reputation with production companies for supplying well-organised and successful castings and over-seeing the process from start to finish. We take special pride in every casting we do, our sole aim being to provide the best possible talent for your project as well as offering help and advice with budgeting on both artists fees for the UK and foreign buyouts.

The casting team at A H CASTING are highly experienced in regular studio casting sessions as well as street casting. We often find ourselves in some very unusual places scouting for that unique talent! Wherever our search takes us we’ll leave no stone unturned until we find the right person for you.

Emma and Debs come from quite different backgrounds: after graduating from film school Emma worked for the production company, Blink, as a production assistant before launching herself as a casting director. Debs was a trained actress and costume designer working with the RSC before becoming a theatrical agent and casting assistant. Our combined experience gives us a unique insight into the commercial projects we are working on.

Over the past ten years of working in this industry we have made a real effort to build good relations with actors agents and model agencies, as we know this will allow us to access artists and models of the highest standard. So whatever your casting requirements may be, whether you require an established actor or unusual character, we are certain that we have the skills and resources to find them.

Emma and Debs

Close Biography


Product Director Production
Frisk MintsDouglas AveryBlink Productions
National Heart ResearchDouglas AveryBlink Productions
BBC 'Grt Britons' IdentsDouglas AveryBlink Productions
Nokia N70BabacRSA
Zip FirelightersBabacRSA
Evans BabacRSA
Mcarther Glen BabacFire House Productions
Mitsubishi Kevin ChickenQuiet Storm
Goal PokerKevin ChickenQuiet Storm
VaconsoielKevin ChickenVirtual TV
SpecsaversSimon CracknellAnother Film Co
Coop Weight WatchersSimon CracknellAnother Film Co
Thomas CookeLee DonaldsonThe Mob
GMTV/Bounce identsLee DonaldsonProduction Int
Vanish Oxi MaxLee DonaldsonProduction Int
Sony mini DiskDoug FosterBlink Productions
VodaphoneDoug FosterBlink Productions
HalifaxDoug FosterBlink Productions
Tescos Internet PhoneDoug FosterBlink Productions
WoolworthsPaul GayOutsider
Just 17 magazinePaul GayOutsider
Orange TangoPaul GayOutsider
British GasPaul GayOutsider
British LambPaul GayOutsider
TangoPaul GayOutsider
BBC RAW IdentsPaul GayPaul Weiland Film Co
Vodaphone 'Hols'Paul GayPaul Weiland Film Co
CitreonPaul GayHungry Man
Golden Lady TightsHarvey & CarolynMercurio Film Italy
Breakthrough Fashion TargetsHavery & CarolynPink Films
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Harvey & CarolynCrossroads
McArthur Glen Harvey & CarolynCrossroads
MTV GoddessHarvey & CarolynCrossroads
MacMillanHarvey & Carolyn Crossroads
Royal Marsden Karen CunninghamPink films
Oracle Susanna HayesProduction Int
TritonSusanna HayesProduction Int
FemcareSusanna HayesProduction Int
HalifaxPat HoldenBlink Productions
CitroenPat HoldenBlink Productions
Vauxhall VectorPat HoldenBlink Productions
Boots No17Pat HoldenBlink Productions
HondaPat HoldenBlink Productions
Heinz Beans CuisinePat HoldenBlink Productions
Scandinavian Air LinesPat HoldenBlink Productions
Bank of ScotlandPat HoldenStark
ITCPat HoldenStark
British TelecomPat HoldenStark
Sainsbury'sPat HoldenStark
Frescheta PizzaPat HoldenOutsider
Comfort RefreshPat HoldenOutsider
Bliss DaminaniPat HoldenOutsider
Budwiser Pat HoldenOutsider
LipovitanPat HoldenOutsider
BBC/Cricket IdentsPat HoldenIndependent
GermaloidsPat HoldenIndependent
Heroin SkateboardsPat HoldenIndependent
MTV/Wrigleys IdentsPat HoldenPink Films
Nintendo IdentsPat HoldenPink Films
Day GumPat HoldenPink Films
NouvelleBob LawrieBlink Productions
San Suci LargerBob LawrieBlink Productions
ImpulseRingan LedwidgeHarry Nash
Boots natural rangeRingan LedwidgeHarry Nash
Bon AquaRingan LedwidgeHarry Nash
Party Political SpoofLee and DanQuiet Storm
Child LineLee and DanQuiet Storm
MinxAdrian MoatRSA
Lee JeansAdrian MoatRSA
Sunday TimesAdrian MoatRSA
RED magazineAdrian MoatRSA
BrutAdrian MoatRSA
Sunday TimesMark NunneleyRSA
COI Anti TheftMark NunneleyRSA
FordReeves & GayBlink Productions
Levis/ Kiss FMReeves & GayBlink Productions
ComfortReeves & GayBlink Productions
Sony Play StationTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
MetzTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Sunny DelightTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Heat MagazineTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
More Magazine Trevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Bliss MagazineTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Cheese StringsTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Aussie ShampooTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
KalyrTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
IntergumTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Heat MagazineTrevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
Tesco ClothingSusie RobersonPaul Weiland Film co
Tesco Take OutSusie RobersonPaul Weiland Film co
AXA PP Health CareJamie RafnHLA
GamestationJamie RafnHLA
Walkers CrispsSteve ReevesBrave Films
Ford CarsSteve ReevesBrave Films
ListerineSteve ReevesAnother Film Co
Clarkes ShoesSteve ReevesAnother Film Co
Pizza HutSteve ReevesAnother Film Co
KronenbourgSteve ReevesAnother Film Co
Alcohol Harm AwarenessSteve ReevesAnother Film Co
Transport for LondonSteve ReevesAnother Film Co
Bell Squeezy cheeseGraham RoseFranco American Films/Pink
Leerdama CheeseGraham RoseFranco American Films/Pink
WrigleysRonnie WestGodman
NickleodeonRonnie WestRSA
Galaxy DoveRonnie WestRSA
Starburst ChewsRonnie WestRSA
Call Frank COIRonnie WestRSA
Regional Money Help lineRonnie WestRSA
TeletexRuben SutherlandJoyrider Films
Play StationRueben SutherlandJoyrider Films
MTV IdentsDixon BaxiDixon Baxi
Peugeot 205Alex WintersBrave Films
Ford FiestaStein LeikangerOutsider
Calton TV identsKevin ThomasBlink Productions
Delta WaterJeff & JoelHarry Nash
Haven HolidaysAdam JohnstonHLA
VW Internet End BitesNigel AttardNigel Attard Assc
Volvo/Er IdentsMatthew JuddItinerant Films
3Bit BiscuitsHoward GuardProduction Int
Smirnoff IceStephen SchwartzItinerant Films
Israel Tourist BoardSven HardingRadical Media
Mazda B SeriesCat & JoQuiet Storm
CheeriosSimon NealAnother Film Co
Friends ReunitedVoice over Global Chicken
Nokia N SeriesTim LangfordJack Morton
NatWest IdentsIan SchacalugaAnother Film co
BBC 4 IdentsAnthony JamesBBC
Nokia N70 N90Kevin McKiermanJack Morton
Abbey NationalSimon RatiganHLA
Walkers CrispsPaul WeilandPaul Weiland Film Co
BT Voice TextRichard ClarkePaul Weiland Film co
PGTipsVoice Over Mother
All BranSarah CoxThing1
Daly StarWayne HollowayRSA
Renault MaganeJeff ThomasPaul Weiland Film Co
OlaySue WorthyHome Corp
Nokia N72Hugh IpJack Morton
Johnnie WalkerMichael GeaghanPink Films
COI British ArmyMichael GeaghanPink Films
BBH Recuritment ViralKaren CunninghamPink Films
MTV Pimp my rideBarney HowellsPartizan
RSPCABarney HowellsRSA
MTV Zero Tolorence Barne HowellsPartizan
Nokia Name the CroonD.A.R.Y.LPulse Films
Veet Karen LamondOne Small Step
MyChricket.comGavin PollackJoy Rider Films
Play StationReuben SutherlandJoy Rider Films
Toys are UsEmmaPulse Films
BT Braodaband BannersEmmaPulse Films
Shreddies Knitting NanasMax and Michael Home Corp

European Commercials

Product Country
All BranDenmark
Alm BrandDenmark
Expert HI FIDenmark
Kuik KitchensDenmark
Shulstad BreadDenmark
Credit SuisseSwitzerland
Bulls Eye MagazineSwitzerland
Brother PrintersDenmark
Alpen GoldRussia
Telco DenmarkDenmark
Armani SunglassesItaly

Corporate Video

Client Production Company
O2The Edge
Lexus PCI Live
Insure and GoThing1
Samsung Smart OvensCheil Communications
Nokia N PassionJack Morton Worldwide
Nokia N SeriesJack Morton Worldwide
Plasma Flat TVsAvanti Screen Media
LexusJack Morton Worldwide
Nokia – N seriesJack Morton Worldwide
Nokia Jack Morton Worldwide
Nokia n931Jack Morton Worldwide
British american TobaccoTake 3
IBMJack Morton Worldwide

Pop Promo

Artist Director Production Company
Placebo Trevor RobinsonQuiet Storm
DJ TiestoTom BaintonItinerant
Tunng Tom HainesOne Small Step
Ian BrownColiin O'ToolPulse
Steve FretwellRadical FriendOne Small Step

Stills Campaign

Product Director
Paul SmithJulian Broad
ImpranJon Day
Times On LineSteve Hoskings
LondaHarry Rankin
MortorollaAdrian Samson
MortophoneAdrian Samson
City LivingRees Bradley Hepburn
MicrosoftTara Moore
IP Tara moore

Film Work

Hostel & Hostel Part II
Director: Eli Roth
Executive Producer: Quentin Tarantino
Production co: International Film Co.
Feature Film/Cast Lead Girl
The Golders Green Formation Leaning Team
Director: Pat Holden
Production co: Blink Productions
Short Film/All Cast
The Gift
Director: Jorn Threlfall
Production co: Outsider
Short Film for the “We are what we do” charity
Lip Up Fatty
Director: Pat Holden
Production co: Outsider
Short Film/All cast
yOO Rinal
Director: Mark Nunneley
Production Co: RSA
Short Film/All Cast
DIY Hard
Director: Pat Holden
Production Co: First Film Foundation & The British Film Council
Short Film/Additional Cast
Director: Yann Demandge
National Film School
Director: Tinge Krishnan
Prouction company: Distruptive Element Films

Contact Us

Ashton Hinkinson Casting
79 Wardour Street

0207 580 6101


Casting Directors: Emma Ashton & Debs Hinkinson